Felton Bank, Milford Delaware

Branch Bank in Milford, Delaware more

Georgetown DMV

New Facility for the Department of Motor Vehicles in Georgetown, Delaware. more

Lake Forest South Elementary

A spacious and funtional new school, Lake Forest South Elementary is a fantastic example of fine cra... more

Green Building

Over recent years, we have been exploring a variety of ways to bring the commercial construction industry on board with the green building movement.


One popular way to utilize clean energy and reduce consumption is through the use of geo-thermal well technologies.  Geo-thermal wells allow heating and cooling to be done in part by the natural temperatures of ground water, therefore reducing the amount of fuel which must be used to regulate facility temperature. Exploration into the advantages and logistics of installing solar or wind power generators is ongoing at this time.


We encourage and pay special attention to utilizing recycled materials as well as recycling as much construction waste as possible.  Rapidly renewable materials are also of specific concern to green building.  We have worked on several projects which require leeds certified materials and procedures.